NASA – Bloggers Want to Save NASA & International Space Station

March 31, 2011

It has been interesting to see how different news agencies gather and report information about the current situation involving NASA and their space program. Yet, what’s come at a real surprise and been rather interesting to examine is the information that has been gathered by bloggers.  They have unleashed their opinions by demanding that the United States keep the space program running.  Sam Patel of SAVE NASA, along with fellow students at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, are sending a direct message to Congress, explaining why there is a high demand to keep space exploration.

 After looking at the petition this group put together, there are some interesting perspectives to think about for the ISS and space in general.  This group begins to discuss, that mankind has been drawn to the heavens for the same adventures that were once embarked on to find land.  The idea of exploration and adventure may soon run out if our government doesn’t act quickly to determine NASA’s future.  John F. Kennedy challenged the United States to be the leaders in space exploration by not only being the first on the moon, but creating technological advancements.  We can thank the NASA and its space program for the technological achievements like: ultrasound scanners, pacemakers, hearing aids, MRI tests, and surgery tools.  Its breakthrough technology like the ones stated above can continue to change human life, if Obama Administration will continue to let it happen.

The petition continues on about the Obama Administrations skepticism and changing the funding for direct space travel to private enterprise.  If the government plans on pouring billions upon billions of dollars into a new space program that has had no time for preparation, no outlined agenda for its future; it  could inevitably destroy all leadership capabilities and lead to bankruptcy.  If money seems to be the big problem to continue space exploration and the existence of the ISS; form a global financial effort.  It’s important to realize that the ISS just recently was completed, so now scientists can devote time to advanced research and experiments, which is why there has been a huge push to keep the ISS operational till at least 2020.

 Another perspective to look at is by Thierry Legault, an active blogger on space exploration,  posted his blog that discusses the ISS after ten years.  After all the “pork barreling” that was involved to get politicians to agree to this multi-billion science project; now the government needs to realize that the space station actually exists and it needs to be put to use.  Money has already been spent to make the project happen, so don’t let it be wasted.  Maybe next time NASA and the United States government, may learn to manage their money a little better and not bite off more than they can chew.

 Though the ISS has been a huge part of my discussion of the past several weeks, next time see why NASA is so eager to understand and explore planets in our solar system.


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